Emergency Services

Dental Emergencies - FAQs for Patients

Please not that in case of a dental emergency we strongly recommend that you consult a dentist. This is the only way appropriate diagnostics and therapy can be ensured.

Acute tooth ache can also be caused by other disorders, e.g. frequently it is sinusitis. Increased pain when leaning forward or bowing your head, is a typical indication for this, often following a cold. In this case we recommend consulting an ENT specialist.
Dental and Medical Emergency Service Hotline01803 - 222 555 35
German Red Cross Rettungsdienst19222
Poison Control Centre Freiburg0761 - 19240
District Hospital Lörrach07621 - 41600
Elisabethen Hospital Lörrach07621 - 1710
University Hospital Freiburg Dental Dept.0761 - 270 470 10
Fire Department112

Medication for treating toothache

There is a large selection of drugs to treat toothache. The most common are Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and Aspirin. Aspirin should be avoided after surgical procedures like tooth extractions, implantations, or apicoectomies, unless explicitly recommended by your GP or dentist, as it has a blood-thinning effect which can cause bleeding from the wound. Your dentist or pharmacist will help you choosing the correct drug and dosage.