Tooth preservation

Our common goal is to preserve your health permanently, or to regain it

Restorative dentistry describes preventive and therapeutic measures to maintain your teeth and tooth-surrounding structures in shape and function or to restore them. In this context, your jaw joint also finds consideration.


A prosthesis is the classic way of treating a toothless jaw

Prostheses are worn on the buccal mucosa. Some people are comfortable with that. With time however, bone loss can occur and the resulting loss of stability, specifically in the lower jaw, is increasing dissatisfying. If substantial bone loss occurs, implants in combination with bone building measures can help. In these cases you would receive a provisional prosthetic device.


Surgery - We will find the necessary time and space for your worries and anxieties

Nowadays dental and surgical interventions can be done virtually painlessly. Following extensive consultation assisted by modern imagery like 3-dimensional X-rays, we will find the best solution for you.


Health starts in the mouth

The relationship between oral health and general health (heart and circulatory diseases, intestinal disorders and other systemic diseases) has long been known. Gum disease (periodontitis) and diseased teeth should be taken seriously and handled with care. We offer a comprehensive approach to prevention and science-based therapies.


The longing for beauty is as old as mankind itself

Only very few people have naturally perfect teeth.With our gentle methods and modern materials, there are almost no boundaries. Impaired teeth and old treatments can be invisibly renewed at the highest standards.Dental treatment is not always a medical nessecity: a dissatisfying tooth position, age-related changes or the results of an accident can impede quality of life. These situations show how an attractive smile can strengthen the psyche and improve self esteem.


You and your child will feel safe and understood in this relaxed atmosphere

Nobody is afraid of the things they are used to. If an immediate treatment is not necessary, we will use your first visit to get to know each other, e.g. when the first primary teeth are just visible.We use the fact that children are very open to new experiences to explain dental care and the implications of diet.We will show your child how to have fun cleaning their teeth, and to consider this as just as natural as a visit to the dentist.

Generation 60+

Nobody needs to give up their bite today

A pleasant smile and solid bite means real quality of living, especially for older poeple.

Temporomandibular Joint

Small cause - big effect

The jaw is usually only noticed when there is pain or some other disorder.Even small deviations in the match of upper and lower jaw can lead to health problems.We work closely with dental laboratories, physiotherapists and orthodontists to be able to help you as necessary.

Rubber Dam

A dental dam is a rubber device that improves quality - some types of treatment are only possible using this method

One big advantage is the complete drainage. This is achieved by elaborate adjustment to your individual anatomy. This is very important when employing adhesive techniques (composite, ceramics), as complete drainage is the critical quality factor with these treatments.